Step into the adventure.

Let's get to the point...

You are ready for a change, you've come this far, and it's time to take the next step.

Upon completion of this coaching course, you can 

  • release your past
  • stand firm against worries and fears
  • gain strength in the present
  • start a successful path forward for your future

This coaching process is built on God's truth, layered with professional expertise, and mapped precisely to help you reach the summit of faith and life.

There are 3 basic steps we will take together:

  1. Reset: This is the key to advancing. We'll walk through a bibilical Reset Button and get life back on track. 
  2. Re-Align: This step will give you the foundations of discipline to keep you on the path and unlock the best of you**.
  3. Restart: The final step guides you into an examination of how you live your faith in the world around you. 

**Once you complete step 2, you'll find an interactive measurement tool that will help you visualize your strengths and weaknesses. 

You can move at your own pace and repeat as often as necessary
until it becomes a way of life.

With God's help, I've guided many guys out of their darkness and into a new light. It's time you and I get down to business and make this happen for you too.

The cost of this intensive coaching experience is $47
and you have one year to complete the Adventure.

Questions? Drop a comment below. 
I look forward to sharing the Experience with you. 

Most frequently asked question:

How long does it take? Most guys are finishing the coaching courses in about 90 days. Some take up to 6 months. Move at your own pace. 

This program is developed and administred by me, Greg Arnold, Certified Profession Coach and founder of the Live Bold App for Christain Men. With nearly 20 years of working in ministry and specializing in the challenges faced by men -- I can show you a clear path forward -- but you have to take the first step.

Let's start the process.

**a side note. The small coaching fee goes back to the Live Bold Ministry. It helps me keep the app running and reaching men in over 160 countries with God's love, hope, and grace.