99/365: Refuse The Bait of Lust

See that no one is sexually immoral, or is godless like Esau, who for a single meal sold his inheritance rights as the oldest son. ~ Hebrews 12: 16

When you receive God's spirit into your soul, He inhabits every part of you.  Every part! 

That image on the screen is another man's daughter - honor her and her dad by turning your heart and eyes to prayer for them both.  

Don't sell your soul for a single meal, an empty lie, or a momentary lapse of reason.  Refuse to give yourself away to lust and emptiness.  

GO DEEPER:  1 Corinthians 6: 12-20

NEXT STEP: If porn isn't your fight... it's likely the fight for one of the 2 guys next to you.  Pray for him.