309/365: Refill Your Life with Living Water

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled."  ~ Matthew 5: 6

Our bodies require food and water... without them, we die.  When hunger overtakes us and our mouths are parched, nothing else matters but satisfying those basic needs of life. 

Our soul is like that.  When we miss our time with God and ignore the basic food of faith we can run the risk of killing our righteousness and dimming our faith.  We die inside and rot with sin.

When your soul is thristy and your life feels hungry for something more fulfilling. Seek God daily through prayer, gratitude, and scripture...you will be fed and full.

In a season of doubt and frustration? In a patch of worry and axiety?  Dig into God's word and pray.  You will be re-filled.

Go Deeper: Jeremiah 17: 12-14