306/365: Repairing Your Confidence

Dear friends, if our hearts do not condemn us, we have confidence before God. ~ 1 John 3: 21

Do you ever find yourself feeling "not good enough" or comparing yourself to an impossible standard?  

Perhaps you've short-circuited God's grace. Here is a simple test to find out: 
When you make a mistake and ask God for forgiveness, do you forgive yourself and move on  -- or do you continue to keep asking God again and again?

Refusing to forigve yourself is a doorway to shame. It's a powerful tool used by the enemy to make us doubt our hearts. 

Confidence before God begins in your heart. If you are ready to stand tall again, then accept your imperfections and forgive yourself for the mess-ups and move forward.

Go Deeper:  Psalm 71: 1-5