281/365: God Forgives, No Matter Our Mistakes

 For the grace of God has appeared that offers salvation to all people.   ~ Titus 2:11

The feeling of being unworthy, unredeemable, or beyond God's love is real for a lot of people.  But hear this, God's forgiveness is available to everyone - no matter what. 

There is nothing you can do that can make God love you less!

Are you feeling unredeemable?  Was that "last thing" you did too much for God to forigve?  No, it isn't!  God accepts ALL and forgives ALL.  

If you are fully immersed in God's grace right now, would you pray for a brother who needs to know Him better?

GO DEEPER:  Psalm 86: 1-7

Next Step: If you've spent more than a few hours feeling as if you aren't worthy of God's grace for the mistakes and things you've done -- stop! Be quiet and listen. You are worthy of God's grace... you are enough. Receive it.