Thanks for jumping in to the Live Bold App! I wanted to give you a quick update and let you know there are several very exciting items just around the corner. 

1. Have you looked at Live Bold Groups! It's where we are moving the community. Very robust and ready to grow with you and us. 

2. New Podcast series just around the corner

3. New weekly video content right here in your devotional feed. Think of it as a weekly shot of faith espresso. :-) 

4. A brand new coaching course built around helping people find their God designed purpose in life. Right now, I'm calling it "Soul Print". 

Drop a note below and let me know if you prefer a short weekly video or a longer running season of audio podcasts. I'm curious.

Live Bold!


FYI: These are updated and/or new features. The Daily Kickstart will always be the foundation of the app. It's what most guys around the world are enjoying most.