216/365: Invest In Yourself

Buy the truth and do not sell it— wisdom, instruction and insight as well.  ~ Proverbs 23:23

Smart financial advisors say, "Pay yourself, first!" 

Their advice is similar to the airline attendent who instructs us,  "... in case of a loss of oxygen in the cabin, put on your oxygen mask first - then assist the ones next to you."

We invest in ourselves so we can take care of others. 

The writer of proverbs advises us to invest in truth, to spend our money on things which make us smarter, wiser, more equipped to be the man God built us to be. 

We all have bills. Don't skip the bill you owe yourself - which is investing in your own spiritual growth.

GO DEEPER: Matthew 5: 13-16

Next Step:  Make a plan to invest in your spiritual growth. Map out the resources you'll use to establish these habits and goals for the next 45 days.