The Man Must Stand


The Man Must Stand audio cast is our new addition to the Live Bold App! We'll make the audiocast available here on the app or anywhere you subscribe to podcasts. 

Listen to the preview conversation below. The new format and production will be coming soon!

Each week, you'll have the opportunity to listen in to our live recorded broadcast featuring current topics, observations, and featured guests. 

Participate in the Q&A by dropping your questions into our hotline. We'll let you know how that works. If you want to start your questions now, drop them in the comments and we'll get them in the list.

Each show will close with coaching and encouragement on the weekly topic. 

The show will be divided into segments, you can pick up where you left off if we run a little long for your commute or available time. 

When the show goes live, this page will be replaced with each stream and available on-demand.  In the meantime, enjoy the challenges!