A Christian Man: He's Trustworthy

Written by: Greg Arnold

Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much. - Luke 16:10 (NIV)

A small picture frame sat on Chuck's desk which contains a quote from Christ about dependability.  It's his reminder that Godly men are given great blessings and treasures because they are willing to watch over their responsibilities with integrity.

Co-workers often pressured Chuck into slacking off, taking a "play day" with the guys, or finding scapegoats when a project didn't turn out as well as hoped.  Chuck remained steady, did his work to the best of his equipping, and always stepped up to make right what others failed to complete.

More than once, Chuck was ridiculed for being the boss' pet, a brown-noser, and a suck up.  Chuck would smile, and gently push the framed quote toward the accuser.

One day, without warning, one of ring leaders of ridicule stepped into Chuck's office, closed the door, and sat down.  With a tear in his eye, the man told Chuck that his daughter had been diagnosed with cancer - and his world was falling apart.  He told Chuck that he never thought much about God, until that day.  The man came to Chuck because he was different than the other guys - he was dependable and steady.  He asked Chuck to pray to God for him.

We are often entrusted to handle money, time, relationships, and many other earthly treasures.  In our obedience as Christian men, God delivers his hurting people into our lives for assurance, hope, and strength.  When we remain dependable to God's commands, we become dependable for the world to lean on.  What greater gift than to be the ray of light in the life of others - who are dark and searching for hope?


What has God given you to steward?

Who in your life, is depending on your steady faith to find hope in difficulty?

PRAY:  Almighty God, I want to be a man that others see as dependable. Give me strength so I don't cave in to the world's ridicule and pressure. Grant me wisdom to be able to steward your resources.  Count on me, Lord - so others can see you.  Amen.