A Christian Man: He Lives With Faith

Written by: Greg Arnold

“Lord, if it’s you,” Peter replied, “tell me to come to you on the water.” - Matthew 14:28 (NIV)

The turbulent days that wash over us like towering waves can leave us wondering if we'll make it through a week intact.  In an effort to fend off the evil that is bent on drowning us, we have a tendency to manufacture boats and rafts to remain afloat... allowing the wind and waves to drive us where it wants to take us.

Jesus Christ stands on top of the storms with an outstretched hand, waiting on us to call out to him for help, guidance, courage, and boldness.

Just like Peter, who recognized Jesus Christ in the midst of his fear and location, we too must locate Christ who stands on top of those things that threaten us or convince us to stay put.

Today, as you sit adrift in your boat, are you ready to call out to Christ?  Are you ready to take that bold step of faith toward Jesus?  Regardless of the circumstances around you, it's time to take that first step out of the boat, and it simply begins with you calling out... "Lord, I see you. Tell me to come to you.  Give me the boldness to step toward you".

Peter got out of the boat... while the others crouched in their places assuming Peter was an idiot.  When you step out and step toward Christ, others will be encouraged by your act of faith.  Don't get comfortable in the boat you've built to survive the evil of the day.  Locate Christ, call out to Him, and get out of the boat.  Walk toward Christ and stop allowing evil to dictate where you aimlessly go.


Are you waiting to step out in faith toward Christ?

What one thing holds you back?

PRAY:  God, I want to get out of the boat and live boldly for you.  The heaviness of life and things that come against me are no match for you.  Tell me to come toward you, draw me near, speak to me today.  Amen.