A Christian Man: He Follows Christ

Written by: Greg Arnold

whoever does not carry their cross and follow me cannot be my disciple. - Luke 14:27 (NIV)

Let there be no confusion, the King of Christian Men is Jesus Christ, and we are called to join his kingdom here on earth.  Our code is to live in obedience to our leader's teaching, command, and creed.

As we confess our allegiance to Christ the King, our life of discipleship begins... and to follow Christ, means we are willing to carry our cross.  We live each day, not in fear of being crucified, but hoping to be crucified.  We must be content to to put up with ridicule, scoffing, name calling, and sucker punches along with blessings, joy, and contentment.

We must accept our walk as being one that is against the grain of culture - in order to set that example of joy and contentment - which is found in giving of ourselves for the sake of others.  Our duty is to make the lives of those around us... better.  Our King has set the bar - and has plainly shown us the pathway.

We may not have the guts to physically take a nail for the sins of people we'll never know - but surely - we have what it takes to love those who hate us, sacrifice for those who love us, and make clear the pathway to Christ the King.

Following the King isn't always pretty, neat, and clean.  But it's a road we choose every day...knowing that at the end of each, we find absolute peace and contentment.  We follow the King.


Think about your moment of allegiance - to follow the King.

Can you name two other brothers following the King with you?

PRAY:  Almighty God, You have placed me in this time and place to follow Christ the King.  I don't always pick up my cross, and sometimes chase my own throne rather than Yours. Forgive me for being distracted.  Empower me to look ahead and walk with boldness. Amen.