A Christian Man: He's Strong

Written by: Greg Arnold

Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. - 1 Chronicles 16:11 (NIV)

The world is jealous of the Christian man's supply of strength.  The world doesn't understand that we receive our power from Almighty God - the creator of the world.  Like a frail, insecure, weak bully - the world wants to tear us down in order that it may appear strong.  God cannot be beaten - He has sealed the victory.

The Christian man doesn't shrink from a challenge.  He's willing to lay his life on the line for someone else's sake.  He continues to volunteer and serve his community while exhausted from his job.  He makes time for his family, he serves his Christian community, and he provides for the hungry. He is never ashamed of his allegiance to Christ or his transformed life.

The Christian man shakes his head in the face of criticism for being a "good guy".  He's not afraid to love those who are deemed unlovable.  He always shows up, he never makes pitiful excuses, and he is an example for his family and the kids in his community to follow.

The Christian man is everywhere. You'll find him quietly doing God's work in the places where he lives, where he works, and where he plays. He sits in meetings and joins in conversations - just like every other guy.  He isn't fragile, he doesn't talk like a pastor, and he rarely forces others to listen to his beliefs.  He is a man - who is committed to his faith - and he is everywhere.

He makes mistakes and doesn't run from the consequences.  He always leaves room for Almighty God to receive the glory for his victories and he doesn't brag about his righteousness.  He prays when and where he chooses and he defends his faith with no compromise.

God provides a deep well of strength for men who seek Him.  He restores our soul, gives us purpose, and ignites a burning desire that helps us to stand up to evil.  There are no words that can describe the allegiance a Christian man shows to His King - only his actions rightly fill the bill.

The world fears this man, and its fear is directed at him through weak attacks and childish word games - attempting to keep him quiet. But God's men will not remain silent. His followers will tell the story of Christ. His people will live with strength - all the time - everyday.