A Christian Man: He Prays

Written by: Greg Arnold

Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. - James 5:16 (NIV)

Jeremy sat at his desk and watched the news coverage.  Every channel crawled with information about the tragedy.  Reporters swarmed the scene, nearly outnumbering the first response teams scrambling to stabilize the victims.

Another senseless act of violence unfolded thousands of miles away - but was magically made relevant in Jeremy's life through media.  Reporters struggled to tell the story behind dry eyes, children and parents struggled to find words to explain what they witnessed, and government officials began using the word "pray".

What can one man, a thousand miles away, do?  He can pray.  Jeremy, still trying to understand how prayer can impact someone so far away, bowed his head for the first time over a distant world event...and he prayed.  Jeremy knew that it wasn't enough to simply post "I'm praying" on his social media.  He was moved to follow through and submit a petition to Almighty God for peace and strength.

In moments of unexplainable acts of madness, the world turns to prayer.  Government officials forsake political correctness to encourage prayer when tragedy begs for explanations. Prayer is more than a momentary meditation, it's a pipeline of strength, courage, tolerance, and action.

Anyone can bow their head in a moment of silence and reflection.  A quiet moment to center thoughts and find focus is meditation - not prayer.  Prayer is a conversation built on talking, listening, and communicating with God through Christ.

Prayers become more effective as our faith becomes more connected to the truth of Christ.  Christian men, pray.  

Faith grows through prayer.  You can expect to build a steady, vigorous faith if you talk to God.  Feel free to drop the old english, the expensive words, and toss out the theological talk.  Prayer is simply communication - reverent communication - between a man and his Creator.

Christian men must spend time in prayer - it's a bottom-line requirement.  Whether an hour or 30 seconds, the prayers - when prayed from a confessed soul - can unlock untold power in your life and the lives of others.  The depth of our faith is directly proportional to time we spend in prayer. Our ability to overcome doubt, fear, and worry lies solely in prayer and confession.  Have you prayed today?


Tell someone you will pray for them today and do it.

PRAY: God, I don't always know exactly what to say, but You know my heart.  Forgive me of the dark spots and mistakes I've made - help me move past them, in order that my prayers to you are powerful and effective. Amen.