A Christian Man: He's Accountable

Written by: Greg Arnold

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. – Proverbs 27:17 (NIV)

The buzzing of Jeff’s silenced phone inched across the table with every incoming call.  The glass sitting next to Jeff was empty, again… and the noise in the hotel bar was beginning to swirl around him.

Another business trip, another city, another hotel… Jeff was hanging on by a thread… and the buzzing phone continued to drift across the table with every call.

Jeff is a strong Christian. His career is soaring, his family life is strong, his two boys and daighter are amazing, and his faith life is thriving.  However, Jeff is scarred heavily with wounds from a haunting past. Those memories and scars creep into his life when he’s alone.

The phone buzzes again…

The waitress slowly brushes past Jeff and gently places her hand on his shoulder. She asks if he will have one more drink before calling it a night.  The phone buzzes again.  Jeff glanced at her, then at the phone, and back at her.  He declines… finally answers the phone, and say, “Hey man… thanks. Perfect timing.”

The voice on the other end was Jeff’s friend – from the small group he joined a few months prior. Jeff opened up and told his group about the temptations he faces while traveling. When he's lonely, tired, and far from home.  Jeff has never cheated on his wife, but he has been tempted… more than once. His eyes drift and gaze at other women more than he likes, and he enjoys a drink in the evening. That’s why Jeff gets a call from Eric every night he’s away from home.

Evil loves to isolate us, to cut us off from our friends, and beg us to keep secrets.  Christian men agree to accountability in order to find strength. Alone, we grow dull – but together – we sharpen our skills, fortify our resolve, and refine our battle skills.  Accountability is how we overcome the past and stare down our fears.  


  • When could you have used a call from a brother as temptation was luring you?
  • Find 3 or more men and get into a small group immediately.  Use the app to guide a conversation.

Pray:  God, surround me with men who are interested in seeing me succeed in faith.  Help me to become the influence for others who desire that same success.  I want to serve you, and honor you with my life.  Amen.